Mako jewels of Vietri Ceramics are entirely handmade and every single product is unique. In particular, the ceramic has second and third fire colors, including precious metals, gold and platinum, which are fired at temperatures different from the classic ceramic colors. The diversity of the individual elements guarantees the complete uniqueness and craftsmanship of the product, cut and drawn by hand according to the ancient art of Vietri.

In some jewels, ceramics is also accompanied by natural semi-precious stones such as onyx, agate and jade but also by more precious gems including the different facets of lapis lazuli, amethyst and aquamarine.

The #LimitEdition is represented by black clay with gold decorations and white crystalline, full of green shades due to the copper contained in dark clay. Through high cooking temperatures, the copper comes out and “stains” the white of the crystalline. Therefore, this collection is unique and its jewels cannot be reproduced due to the atypical reaction of the copper.

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